Providing OSHA legal services to large and small businesses.

      Providing OSHA legal services to large and small businesses.

      OSHA Services

      environmental and osha lawyer shell bleiweiss Federal OSHA runs the workplace health and safety programs in about half the states. We represent employers in those federal OSHA states. We handle inspections, settlement conferences and appeals (contests) for employers, as well as giving compliance advice to them.


      I just wanted you to know that the first time I walked into your office to discuss my claim; I knew I made the right choice in asking you to represent me. You believed in me and my case when no one else knew much about “Mold” and its terrible affects on humans, nor were they interested. You stuck by me, no matter what, through the entire lengthy process and for that I will always be very grateful to you.
      I need you to know that I have never doubted your expertise, and never once wavered knowing you were there, on my side, and doing everything you could for me. It’s been a truly remarkable and trying experience/journey for me and I’m sure for you as well.
      I was truly blessed when you happened into my life and you will never really know how much I respect and thank you! You are a truly wonderful person and an excellent Attorney, as far as I am concerned.

      Carla Womack, Client July 31, 2015