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Land Contamination Case Expert

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Shell has been retained as an expert witness on a land contamination case under CERCLA. It is a legal malpractice case against a big Milwaukee, WI firm, concerning a corporate acquisition and CERCLA cleanup. Shell wrote expert opinions in 2010 and 2011, and testified in 2012.

Guns at Work

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A recent article by Shell J. Bleiweiss and Jamie Davidson discusses the tension between state guns-at-work laws and the federal OSH Act. State laws prohibiting employers from banning otherwise legal firearms in employee vehicles in company parking lots have been upheld as valid and enforceable. OSHA regulations generally do not apply to firearms in the workplace, however, in the odd workplace where firearms are a “recognized hazard” the OSHA general duty clause might apply. The full article can be read and downloaded here: Guns At Work: A Question Of State Law More Than OSHA Law For Most Industries.