I have worked with Shell Bleiweiss back when he was senior environmental law partner at McDermott Will & Emery in Chicago (and later on other matters, too). He is absolutely a go-to expert in this field. I have also worked with a fine environmental engineer on a serious pollution matter and who found us a good outcome. I know Shell is right about his advice and I would take it. You are lucky that he is here.
Norman R. Solberg, Solberg International Law Office
My sisters, nieces, and nephews are so appreciative of all you have done to get the lease done and LaFarge up to speed. I will miss chatting through emails with you. We all have a relationship that has become a friendship of sorts. If you ever want a tour of the mine, let me know. I will also let you know if we schedule a tour. It is very interesting. Things are dull there right now, but will pick up in the spring. Again, a trillion thank yous for everything you have done for my family.
Martha Westergaard, Client
Steve, thank you very much for the invitation and opportunity. Unfortunately, I will be unable to accept. I do have a recommendation for you, though. My former partner, Shell Bleiweiss, has vast Superfund experience and has represented many ISRI members over the years in Superfund and other environmental enforcement proceedings. I mentioned your invitation to him and he indicated he would be interested in speaking on this panel. His contact information is…
Todd R. Wiener, McDermott, Will & Emery
I worked with Shell in big law so I know from experience that he would be a great choice.
Jon van Horne
Due to a very busy summer with houseguests arriving and leaving in waves, I have neglected to thank you for all you have done for the Bates/Evans interest in the quarry property. The conference call was nothing short of brilliant, and cleared up a lot of issues for everyone, though we knew what we wanted, and the Bennitts, well, who knows what they knew. You were just the best in sticking to the point and not backing down. We are so used to being ignored and it was great to have an advocate like you. You have a very mild and kind manner, and you proved to be a real pit bull when it was needed. Sitting at Martha’s table during that call, I was raising my fist in the air when you made some of the more salient points. We were so happy to have such great support! Thank you so much.
Sarah Champagne, Client
Shell: Bev and I can’t thank you enough, you made our holiday!! Have a great Thanksgiving.
Jay Killeen, Client
An elegant pleading indeed!
Dr. Allan W. Hatheway, Expert Witness

I just wanted you to know that the first time I walked into your office to discuss my claim; I knew I made the right choice in asking you to represent me. You believed in me and my case when no one else knew much about "Mold" and its terrible affects on humans, nor were they interested. You stuck by me, no matter what, through the entire lengthy process and for that I will always be very grateful to you.

I need you to know that I have never doubted your expertise, and never once wavered knowing you were there, on my side, and doing everything you could for me. It's been a truly remarkable and trying experience/journey for me and I'm sure for you as well.

I was truly blessed when you happened into my life and you will never really know how much I respect and thank you! You are a truly wonderful person and an excellent Attorney, as far as I am concerned.
Carla Womack, Client